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♘ PRESENTATIONS (PDF | TRANSLATIONS | eng | rus | ukr| fr) Step 1 - Definition
We always start a new web project in the same way: we ask good questions. We believe that the key to achieving our goals is to start by understanding your company. Then can we help you create a plan for success. Step 2 - Design
We love design. But a good design is more than just creating an attractive home page. It starts with your brand and your goals. We use design to turn our vision into something tangible, accessible and attractive. Step 3 - Development
Writing code is not sexy, but it serves as the basis for your site and plays an important role in its success. We are proud to write cleanly using a web-friendly JavaScript, HTML, XHTML & CSS, which ensures that your message will be the focus of attention on the website. Step 4 - Deployment
Launching a new site is a huge step for any company. We cover all the details to make your website make the first impression as great as it can be. Our SEO experience will provide an easy way to find your website.